Tile vs Timber

Tiles vs timber. It is a question many of our clients ask themselves when it comes to covering their main floor areas. Natural timber is a timeless product, with many variations and finishes. In years gone by if clients wanted a timber floor they basically had no choice but to use real timber. But with advancements in technology many of Europe’s leading tile manufacturers now produce superb looking and extremely believable timber replica tiles. The variations, textures and surface finishes look and feel so real they have to be seen to be believed. These porcelain equivalents of real high-quality timber are far more practical, durable and generally more affordable.

Unlike natural timber there is no on-going maintenance and also eliminates moisture issues that can be associated with real timber. Porcelain tiles have basically no chance of staining, scratching or denting. The other huge advantage of the porcelain replica is that it can be utilised in bathrooms and outdoor areas, with very little cleaning or maintenance required. The way these tiles appear when they are first laid is how they will remain, with no sealing or treatments necessary. So if you are thinking about a timber look finish for your floor areas then you should strongly consider the porcelain replica.

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