Odin Tiles + Coverings is proud to present GRANDE

This exclusive porcelain slab collection is an industry leading surface covering. Made in Italy with the use of technological tile advancements, GRANDE delivers unrivalled beauty and product innovation. The cutting-edge manufacturing process and material reliability are paired with style, aesthetics and a genuine passion for ceramics. Ultimately, when design ends emotion always begins.





DESIGN  GRANDE porcelain stoneware boasts numerous looks, surface finishes, formats and unrivalled flatness and malleability. This collection contains rare stones and marbles, the most exquisite Venetian Terrazzos and impressive architectural concrete and metal options. These surfaces reinterpret the finest antique marbles and Venetian Seminato’s and the rarest stones, while freely evoking the tactile potential of concrete and the mineral allure of metals. Stylistic and technological research that continually pushes the boundaries yields ideas and impressions where stoneware becomes the architectural paradigm, both structural and decorative. GRANDE is the ideal porcelain material for infinite compositional opportunities, for creating seamless or discontinuous visual effects, for indoor and outdoor solutions and for an ever-richer range of tailor-made options.
TECHNOLOGY  It is constant commitment to the research and development of innovative style, product and process solutions that has helped to achieve this remarkable collection. GRANDE is a benchmark and technological leader on the world ceramic tile manufacturing scene. The state-of-the-art production plants and new technological patents enable our suppliers to create and manufacture the best slimline porcelain stoneware products for both the residential and commercial sectors. These purpose-built factories are solely for the manufacturing of GRANDE, where everything is designed to achieve exquisite surfaces. This collection is immune to time, delivering wonderfully malleable but resilient ceramic creations.
MATERIAL  Porcelain stoneware is one of the most sophisticated and advanced architectural surfaces in the commercial and residential sectors. The GRANDE collection is made in Italy with the latest technological tile advancements, from cutting-edge machinery and kilns to state-of-the art digital printing and premium surface glazings, all manufactured in large-scale purpose-built production plants. Only the most carefully researched and selected materials are used to create these technological masterpieces, with fine mineral clays, feldspar and quartz playing a major part. These ingredients are combined and kilned at extremely high temperatures (up to 1300-degree Celsius) and compressed with tremendous pressure. All of this is performed in an environmentally friendly manner and importantly without utilising resins and heavy chemical binders. This therefore creates a lightweight product that is easy to manoeuvre, simple to cut and fabricate for stonemasons and tiling specialists, and importantly does not expose these trades to harmful chemicals. GRANDE is homogenous porcelain finished with advanced surface glazings, making this material impervious to water and other liquids. All of these technical characteristics help to create a product that is aesthetically pleasing, requires minimal maintenance and therefore provides the perfect surface covering for all areas, from kitchen benchtops and splashbacks to bathroom walls and floors.
GREEN  The environmental quality of the industrial production cycle is certified in accordance with the highest international standards. Our manufacturers constantly assess the environmental impact throughout the products life cycle, from extraction and processing of raw materials through to recycling of demolition spoil and the findings of this ‘life cycle assessment’ (LCA) are published in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Thanks to the environmental quality of the entire industrial production cycle, GRANDE is eligible for LEED credits for buildings.
RECYCLING  The manufacturing of GRANDE is a closed-cycle production operation, limiting consumption of natural resources and reducing environmental impact. This collection is made of recycled material and complies with the requirements for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for sustainable architecture.


ENDLESS APPLICATIONS  GRANDE is suitable for all of the following areas and applications: Kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, vanity benchtops, wet area walls and floors, general walls and floors, main flooring areas, commercial flooring, external areas including wall cladding and facades, saunas and steam rooms, swimming pools and ponds.
EXTENSIVE SELECTION  The GRANDE collection is available in matt, satin and high gloss surface finishes. This series has created and obtains the following interpretations and replicas of: Marble, stone, terrazzo, metal, concrete and solid colours. There is truly something for everyone in the GRANDE collection.
LIGHTWEIGHT  This slimline 6mm collection is one of the lightest resilient materials on the market, therefore making it easier to transport and manoeuvre. In addition, being slimline uses less material; therefore minimising its carbon footprint and requiring less raw materials than other products on the market.
LOW MAINTENANCE  GRANDE is a market leader when it comes to care and maintenance. This glazed porcelain stoneware is impervious to water and other liquids, therefore making it non-porous and stain resistant. No ongoing surface treatments or sealing is required. The XL formats also reduce, and in some situations, completely remove the need for grout. These surfaces can be maintained with mild detergent-based cleaners and do not attract dust or dirt, making GRANDE extremely hygienic and ideal for kitchen, communal spaces and healthcare facilities.
LARGE FORMAT  Available in various large formats, from 1600x3200mm panels down to 1200x1200mm tile formats. Some collections are also available in smaller, typical tile options. If and when required, all of these sizes help to create the possibility of project continuity. Ultimately, the slab format is aesthetically pleasing and produces an unrivalled seamless appearance.
PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS  As per typical porcelain stoneware, GRANDE attains all of the following technical characteristics: Frost resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant, scratch proof, hard wearing surface glazing, high durability, high breaking strength and low to zero water absorption.
NO FIBREGLASS MESHING  This creates easier installation in various circumstance and applications. Removes the potential delaminating issues what can occur with fibreglass meshing. Note – Fibreglass mesh can be applied by the manufacturer upon request when required for specific applications.
EXTENSIVE DOCUMENTATION  The GRANDE collection has extensive documentation and technical data, including various commercial and environmental certificates. This series also has impressive imagery and visual aids to help inspire and bring your projects to life.


GRANDE COOKING  ODIN TILES + COVERINGS is proud to introduce our exclusive GRANDE COOKING innovation. This industry first (and Patent Pending) cooking system has been developed and tested by our technical department; with the support of our manufacturers and suppliers. Available in various design interpretations and colour tones, these advanced digital print porcelain stoneware panels have the aesthetic qualities and technical characteristics for application directly over our custom-made induction cooktop devices. The superior functionality and benefits of induction cooking, paired with the beauty and practicality of porcelain as a bench surface, combine to create the exciting future of home kitchens. Porcelain stoneware is one of the most sophisticated and advanced architectural surfaces and is a market leader when it comes to care and maintenance. The GRANDE bench surface is impervious to all liquids, food and cooking products; therefore making it non-porous and importantly stain resistant. Due to the premium surface glazings applied in the manufacturing process, no ongoing product treatments or sealing is required. GRANDE can be maintained with mild detergent-based cleaners and does not attract dust or dirt, making it extremely hygienic and perfect for kitchen use. The possibilities and advantages are endless with this state-of-the-art innovation, with GRANDE COOKING’S unrivalled aesthetic beauty creating a seamless and astonishing outcome for any home kitchen.
GRANDE TABLE  Fabricated in Australia and exclusive to ODIN TILES + COVERINGS, GRANDE TABLE is at the forefront of customised architectural furniture. Available in various designs and colour tones, these innovative steel frame tables are paired with premium Italian made porcelain stoneware as the resilient table surface finish. The possibilities are endless with this industry leading collection, with GRANDE TABLE possessing the aesthetic qualities and technical characteristics for commercial and residential projects. The GRANDE porcelain slab series creates a seamless and visually appealing outcome, while delivering unrivalled practicality and durability as a table surface. This bespoke furniture novelty adds another impressive dimension to our extensive collection.

Below are a few words from our management team regarding GRANDE:

‘GRANDE is the tile future due to its size, aesthetic beauty and minimal maintenance. In addition GRANDE COOKING is a true game-changer and the exciting future of home kitchens. This cooking innovation is the first cooking system of its kind. Impressively the concept was developed and launched in Perth by a proudly owned and operated West Australian company’.

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