Tile Trends

Since 1977, Odin Ceramics has been one of the leading floor and wall tile specialists in Perth, always keeping up to date with various tile trends. Here we take a look at some of the evolving trends to help with your home makeover. Get ready for some unique designs and colour.

Whether your style is dark and dramatic or clean and minimalist, there’s a tile design for everyone. For example, if you’re adverse to designs that draw attention and prefer the classics, then the wood-like trend may just be up your alley.

Wood-like tile

This wood-like design is like the Little Black Dress of tiles; while the designs have changed over the years, it’s a classic trend that has been established as a firm favourite. These tile patterns have evolved, allowing you to choose a pattern like the trendy herringbone.

Mix and match

Tile companies are making use of fragmented patterns on tiles, to add some vibrant hues and create a kaleidoscope effect. If you’re feeling adventurous, use this for your bathroom to make the morning routine a bit more bearable.

Brick house

When you think of exposed brick, New York apartments and old warehouses spring to mind. As retro makes a comeback, brick-look tiles have emerged as the industry’s favourite. The designs come in different shapes and styles, from polished to rustic, allowing you to choose one that reflects your décor.

Ocean vibes

The colour palette of greens and blues is a popular choice, and is perfect if you’re looking for that burst of colour in your home. If you’re feeling a little eccentric, use different shades of blue and green, to bring the ocean into your home.


Jump into the future with 3D designs. The light and shadow effects of 3D tiles create a unique and dynamic look. Wave, grid or diamonds; whatever pattern or colour you choose, the room will literally pop.


Another modern design is small glass tiles, which have become fashionable in mosaic patterns. It can be used on a large scale project or a single feature wall. Don’t be afraid to mix it up by using different colours and types of glass.


As in fashion, the chevron trend won’t let up and has seamlessly translated into décor. The pattern, which consists of ‘v’ shapes, is unique and attractive and can be used on floors and walls. The great thing about Chevron is that while it is the hottest trend everywhere, it will never go out of style.

Remember to choose a trend that best suits your personality and the décor in your home.

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