Rectified vs Standard Edge Tiles

Tiles can be purchased with two different types of edges, one being standard (also known as cushioned or pillow edge) and the other being rectified.

Standard edge tiles are laid with an approx 3mm joint, were rectified tiles are laid with an approx 1.5mm joint. Rectified tiles are machine cut to create a near perfect straight edge and to minimize size variations. Standard edge tiles are fired as individual pieces and are pressed with a rolled edge finish. Rectified tiles are truer in dimension then standard edge tiles, therefore making them easier to lay with smaller joints. Many people prefer rectified tiles due to their smaller seamless joints, which also require less grout and therefore less cleaning. In saying this standard edge tiles are still popular as they are more forgiving for the installer and are more cost effective. Many builders and developers still regularly utilise standard edge tiles to keep building costs and contracts down.

All in all there is a place for both of these products in todays market, but its fair to say that most of our clients prefer the rectified option as it reduces the amount of grout required and highlights their tile as much as possible.

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