Porcelain Pavers – Paving the future

The recent arrival of our stone replica Pure & Mineral series have added another dimension to our ever growing tile collection. These 20mm thick, non-slip porcelain pavers can be utilised for any external application, be it pool surrounds to driveways and crossovers. The breaking strength of this material is stronger than concrete and majority of natural stones due to its manufacturing process. Unlike many paving options in todays market, these tiles do not require sealing and maintenance is therefore minimal. Porcelain pavers are the way of the future, with these ground breaking products giving our clients another impressive concept to utilise.

Installation methods include direct laying to sand (as per typical pavers) and adhesive fixing to concrete (as per typical tiles). Additional to these methods is the innovative pedestal system. Below is a step by step video detailing this concept.

For further information on this system and our porcelain paver range feel free to Contact Us.