Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Mosaics, decorative tiles, large format porcelain…. the possibilities are endless when it comes to tiling your kitchen splashback. With a huge variety to select from, picking the perfect product to finish your kitchen off has never been easier. Tiles are also the most cost effective way to complete this part of your home while offering the widest range of products and designs. Whether you’re after a minimalist look or want to make more of a statement, this integral area of your home can be eye-cathcing and importantly easy to maintain.

Tiles themselves are not difficult to maintain, but grout still remains something that requires care. In saying this grouts can be made less porous and easier to clean by sealing and also using enhancers and additives to improve it qualities.

Obviously the larger format tile you use the less grout is required. Many of our clients take this approach, especially the working professionals or for people who simply don’t want the hassle of extra cleaning.

For customers that prefer something more striking and decorative, there are many options to satisfy. From smaller subway type formats, to hand made hexagonal shapes, the options have never been greater. So no matter what your taster or requirements are their is a kitchen splashback tile for everyone.

Contact our team for further information or better yet visit our showroom for inspiration with your next project.