Decor Tiles

To décor or not to décor? This is a question many of our clients ask us on a daily basis.

The theme and layout of your home will determine whether decor tiles will have the right impact for you. Many of our clients come in at times ‘desperate’ to utilise various feature tiles throughout their new home or renovation.

Like anything in life its all about finding the right balance. Be it baking or home decorating, too much or not enough of something can ruin the end result. Your floor coverings play a major part in determining how many or if any feature tiles should be used. The more character your floor has, the more inclined we are to recommend less features on your walls.

The more statements you have in your home, be it with artwork or furniture, the less likely you will need feature tiles. Again balance is the key, and finding the right balance can be extremely difficult at times. When in doubt less is more, and more importantly using the correct colours together is essential in creating the right flow and theme in any home.

On average the more neutral your home is the more likely décor tiles will play a major part. More and more home builders are taking the ‘modern, minimalist’ approach to their home, therefore opening up a world options for incorporating feature tiles. From hexagonal options, to textured artistic effects, the possibilities are endless.

But like anything BALANCE is the key. Get this right and your house will truly be a home.

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